17 вересня, 2013

Autumn is an amazing time of the year. I love it. While walking to the work, i'm enjoying wonderful sceneries, and amazing autumn air. The nature decorates itself. it's beautiful. People are gathering mushrooms in the park. i wish to go to the forest or just to the park with my son, to experience this wonderful autumn atmosphere. i really wish my son to be so romantic, sensitive as i am. i want to share with him my outlook, i want him to know, to feel to notice all this greatness that God has created.
People are rushing all the time. they are in a hurry to buy more stuff they don't need, but not all of them can stop and think for a minute, and to admire for a minute by the stillness of the nature, by its autumn glorious beauty.
As my job starts in Autumn, it brings a lot of changes into my life. I get bussier, more serious, and imaginative. i begin to rethink my plans and dreams... and create new ones. i've noticed that i'm using the internet not so often then i used to before. it's good. it takes a lot of time and steals our attention. i want to knit or to stichcross something, just because it makes me calm and brings peace and lots of dreams.
oh Autumn, it's a wonderful time of the year.