14 серпня, 2014

School Tuesday/ Школа: графік поведінки/ The calendar of behaviour

There's not so much time left before my work gets started. So, I wanted to share one thing which is very useful for parenting. That's the chart of behaviour.

A couple of month ago we were told complains about our son's behaviour at the kindergarten. He wasn't very bad, but he was naughty and it bothered me a lot. After some days of frustration and not knowing what to do I've decided to browse the Internet (how could people live without it?) and I've found some recomendations how to improve the child's behaviour and I made a calendar.

The required materials: paper, coloured pencils or markers, ruler (I didn't use it), patience and consistancy.
Here how it looks:
How you do it: divide the paper on the amount of days in a month. One paper is one month. The vertical columns are days of the week, the horisontal columns are the weeks.

How it works: After having done this chart, stick it to the fridge and tell your child, that you will summarise each day in the evening and draw a face on the chart. There are two kinds of faces (only 2, there's no middle behaviour) good or bad. The rule is: If the child gets all happy faces for 7 days he gets a present or a chance to go somewhere. You may choose the appreciation yourself, or let it do to your kid.

You may also mark special days, birthdays or days off on the chart, it will help your child to learn the days of the week and to understand how the calendar works.
Here are some pictures of our calendars. Oh, I've almost forgotten: my point is: this calendar is really working, my son's behaviour's improved.