06 серпня, 2014

School Tuesday/Школа: Math lessons

Hi, I'm still on my summer break there are 17 holy days of vocation , I don't really want to post school plans or whatever's connected to school, besides I haven't even thought what I'll teach about this year. But I understand that my son's turned 5 and we are aproaching to school age, so we need to prepare. We need to learn how to count and read (at least we'd better learn the letters). He is more eager to learn the numbers than the alphabet, but I'm cool with it. He likes numbers, so we do a lot of counting activity while walking on the street. I usually ask him to count how many cars are parked near our house, or how many air conditioning systems are there on our house (we live in block of flats). It's interesting and amusing. 
I'm sure that the process of learning should be exciting, not borring and should answer the demands of curious child. 
If my son likes counting more than reading I'm ready to teach him how to count and I'll focus on it more. 
So that's what we've done last Saturday and today (Tuesday, 5)

1.Math colouring. 

As we tried to combine useful with pleasant, we had to colour and to have breakfast. We were successful in both activities and everybody was pleased, especially me. :) 
Kostia really liked this activity, he had to colour the picture according the numbers, but it wasn't as easy as you think. There was some math too, he had to add or to subtract and than to find out what colour to use.

2. Learing signs "greater than'', "less than'' and "equals"

2. Learing signs "greater than'', "less than'' and "equals" 
 At first I was a bit confused if my son needs to know this, but then I've realised that he knows a lot about the cars, their sturcture and even what is cardan shaft, so I've decide to explain it to him. And guess what, he got it. I've drawn him pictures of animals, fruit and cars and he put signs "<", ">" or "=". We really enjoyed it.

Here are our papers with the first Math "problems".
3. Great idea.
 To be hones I haven't done it yet, but I really want to. I think it's a great idea. All you have to do is to draw your child's hand, then cut it out, and ctick it to the paper only the hand part, the finger part has to be loose, then write some prolems under the hands and voila, a great math helper for your pre-schooler is ready.

Here are the great samples of math coloring, you just have to pick the colours and mark them with numbers, or you can google and find a lot more.